We’ve received lots of great testimonials from our students and their parents. Have a read of them below if you’d like to get an idea of what it’s like working with Study Sphere tutors. If you’d like to arrange your first lesson or discuss how our tutors could help you, please contact us.

Wonderful math tutor for my daughter in year 12. My daughter said best tutor she has ever had. Thank you, Nora.

– Paula, Parent

Thank you so much for a fantastic year. Salt had outstanding results for his assignments and exam. All the work you did with him was spot on.

– Lisa, Parent

Online tutoring has been a life saver for us. William was struggling so much with keeping on top of his school work. Study Sphere has increased his confidence so much because he receives so much support from his tutor online and finally his grades are up. God bless!

-Marie, Parent
I am able to get clarification from my tutor online about assessments. We go through every aspect of the task and write it together online, and we get so much done. Thank you Study Sphere for taking the pressure off.

-Tessa, Year 12

This company is amazing, I’ve improved a lot ever since I started tutoring with them. I suggest that students in year 11 and 12 use this company for English tutoring.

– Ryuma, Year 12

Study Sphere has been a godsend for us! Thank you for helping Josh get to being 2nd in his year in English. He is so confident now!

– Alexander, Parent

We started English tutorials for our daughters (now Yr 7 and Yr 12) with Study Sphere last year. Both our daughters have since improved in English writing (composing and structuring) and comprehension. We highly recommend Study Sphere English tutorials for students needing to improve and/or extend their English writing/reading ability.

– Bette, Parent
Study Sphere have provided such a supportive and friendly tutoring experience for our son in the comfort of our home. Bonus!!!

He really enjoys his weekly sessions and is learning and having fun at the same time. By having this one-on-one tutoring it gives him so much more confidence in himself too. We are more than happy to recommend Study Sphere 🙂

– Michelle, Parent
Study Sphere has given Annie the leg up she has always needed. She always struggled to practise writing on her own and with online tutoring, she is given the space and time to write the work and have it edited right there and then in the lesson.

-Kirsten, Parent
Remote maths tutoring is great for us. My tutor writes out the equations on the screen and we go through the exercises together. We work on formulas and use graphs too. It’s a great learning tool.

-Archie, Year 10
I cannot recommend Study Sphere enough! Justin is always finished feeling great, knowing he is supported with school tasks and given great guidance to do well in each assessment.

-Phil, Parent

My experience with tutoring with Study Sphere is that it’s not only beneficial but fun. With Alineh, I have learned so much and my averages in English have improved dramatically. I really love the sessions. Thank you for everything you have done.

– Tammy, Student

We have been very happy with Taylor’s progress since you have been tutoring her. Last term Taylor received a most improved certificate for English and this term she placed first in her class and received an academic achievement certificate. Tegan has also made improvements in her english and has particularly enjoyed composing poetry and stories. All positive feedback, whatever you are doing when tutoring the girls is working very well for us.

– Kristen, Parent

Talin has been a major help with writing essays. I wouldn’t have done as well without her. Thank you Talin for the inspiration!

– Adam, Year 10

Fantastic tutors. Flexible and patient – highly recommended.

– Justine, Parent

I felt really comfortable when asking questions and being tutored. I often lacked detail in my responses and Study Sphere helped me pay attention by going the extra mile to assist. My tutor consistently asked questions to ensure my understanding. My overall experience with tutoring has been amazing.

– Melody, Year 12

I am happy with the tutoring service that you offered and have no complaints. You come on time and you teach like a pro. Thank you for tutoring me.

– Phillip, Year 12

My son has been with Study Sphere for a few years and he has been tutored for both English and Mathematics. We find them excellent and would recommend them to anyone who needs a tutor!

– Anthony, Parent

I find that the lessons are easy to understand and that I get a lot of help for the assignments I get from school. I feel very prepared for them.

– Nicolas, Year 9

I never expected online tutoring to be so efficient. We get so much done! Thank you for giving me the freedom to actually think and come up with responses in a more private way. Google Drive has been great too. Thank you Talin for getting me through a difficult period with online schooling.

-Raaj, Year 11

Talin has helped me structure and answer questions in a sophisticated manner to ensure I receive all marks when it comes to tests. Furthermore, Talin has enhanced my vocabulary through spelling tests and applying the words in sentences. Thank you for your help.

– Harrison, Year 10

Study Sphere has helped me to manage homework, improve vocabulary and deliver a presentation confidently. My tutor is enthusiastic, shares interesting perspectives and is respectful of my ideas. She is an inspiring person who I would like to emulate.

– Natasha, Year 12

Tutoring with study sphere has been amazing thus far. I’ve gained so much knowledge, have been looked after every step of the way, ensured that I’ve worked to the best of my abilities and the best part is not feeling like my tutor is judging me. Study sphere has allowed for me to get out of my comfort zone and feel like a new, improved and more confident person in the classroom.

– Student

The thing that I liked the most about the lessons with Talin is that we looked at certain topics that I was going to be assessed on beforehand, so that I could get as much practice as possible. I also liked how Talin worked with me through assignment tasks and mock exams.

– Thomas, Year 8

Study Sphere has been very successful for both my primary and high school aged children. They are professional, enthusiastic, and engaging during tutoring sessions. We have been with Study Sphere for many years and have been very happy with the results.

– Lisa, Parent

I have improved in English because of Alineh’s help on the work. I am really happy because of that.

I have enjoyed the lessons we had together. I started reading a lot and started exploring genres of books that I never thought was interesting. I started to enjoy reading a lot and I love creative writing.

– Sora, Student

I like how Talin practiced creative writing with me. She would set up writing opportunities and we would practice before a deadline. Helped me a lot.

– Alex, Year 10

Study Sphere has been tutoring both my daughters in English for the past 4 years. Talin has been a fantastic tutor who has always been supportive and encouraging during lessons. Both girls have improved dramatically since they started with Study Sphere. I highly recommend Talin and the staff at Study Sphere.

– Kristen, Parent

I like the fact that this is helping me. Also, the work we do brings my stress levels down when assessments and tests are coming.

– Ryan, Student

Talin is very engaging and professional tutor, she is very organised and structured in her approach to tutoring. We are very satisfied with her positive influence on our Year 6 daughter who is making real progress in English writing and comprehension. We would recommend Study Sphere to parents willing to help their children reaching their full potential.

– Philippe, Parent

Great coaches and run by a wonderful, caring team!

– Ingrid, Parent

One of Study Sphere’s tutors, Alineh, has been able to break up complicated work to steps that my brain can comprehend. She is always well equipped and always arrives with a plan for the lesson. She is patient and although she wants to help me, she also wants me to find answers on my own.

– Nathan, Student

Really good tuition. The teachers adjust to your level. Really good!!!

– Student

I’ve been having lessons with my tutor for about 4 years now and she has been nothing but supportive and helpful! Helping me to understand complex topics and excel with any subject i need her for – LITERAL LIFESAVER!

– Adam, Year 12

Talin from Study Sphere is an excellent tutor. My daughter was struggling with English, especially with writing, due to our family’s Chinese background. Talin is the most patient, effective and professional tutor, who established a strong support with my daughter. She gave step by step explanations and made sure my daughter understood everything before proceeding. I would definitely recommend!

– Gary, Parent

Study Sphere are terrific. I have a daughter with dyslexia and the one on one help she has been getting through the tutors she has had with Study Sphere has been nothing short of amazing.

– Jackie, Parent